Should You Move House on a Friday?

More people move house on a Friday than any other day of the week. This is generally due to the fact that it gives buyers the weekend for unpacking and settling in to their new home without the added stress of work.

If you are in a chain there is little you can do to dictate a moving day on the rest of the chain.  However, if enough of the chain agrees to a different day to move, the majority will likely win over the rest.

For convenience, and to move as cost-effectively as possible, most people plan to coincide the purchase and sale of houses, so they can move out the old property, and into their new home, in one process. This often means that, in addition to removal vans driving the length and breadth of the country, Conveyancing Solicitors are all working away behind the scenes trying to make the process as flawless as possible.

Motivation for a Friday move is abundantly clear but would it be wiser to choose another day of the week?

If you choose another day of the week you may find that your removal company offer a discount for a midweek move which allows you to benefit from the saving.

Also, you cannot legally gain entry to a property until all the funds have been received and settlement effected.  As the vast amount of completions occur on a Friday, delays can arise. This can leave you without access to your new property until late afternoon and a removal crew on overtime.   Worse still you miss the 3. 30pm banking cut off time and end up living in a van for 2 days!

You can therefore potentially save money and stress by moving on another day of the week and with the added benefit if any difficulties do arise on moving day that there is still time in the week to resolve the issue before the weekend.

Are there any particular Fridays you should avoid?

As any experienced conveyancer will confirm every Friday 13th sees a huge drop in the number of completions and home moves. This is understandable considering that buying a home can be the biggest purchase of one’s life and you can be forgiven for being a little more careful and superstitious. However, if you are not superstitious this can be a great day to move as again you can reap the benefits of possible savings with removal company’s and still benefit from the weekend to unpack.

If not Friday then which day?

All things considered, perhaps Thursday is the optimum day to move as it only requires one extra day at work until the weekend and it drastically reduces the risk of anything which does go wrong not being resolved by the weekend.