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Estate Planning To Protect Your Assets

When you have worked hard throughout your life to acquire wealth and assets it is important to plan how to preserve and use those assets as you grow older and wish to pass them on to your family.

At Purdie Maclean we can help protect your assets from threats such as:-

  • Care fees
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Business Failure
  • Divorce and Separation

Purdie Maclean can offer straightforward practical advice to suit your personal circumstances

Protecting The Family Home Against Care Costs

With more people living longer, you or a family member may need care at home or residential or nursing care. A frequent worry is having to sell your home to pay for care fees.  With careful forward planning Purdie Maclean can ensure you pass on as much of your estate as possible to your family.

Trust Or Trust Funds

Get In Touch For A Free Initial Discussion About Setting Up A Trust Or Trust Fund

Trusts are a great means of protecting your assets for you and the next generations of your family.

Setting up a Trust allows you to transfer assets to Trustees who must use these assets for a particular purpose or purposes to benefit an individual or group of individuals known as the beneficiaries.

You determine which people benefit and for what purpose the assets can be used.

Purdie Maclean can advise on which type of Trust is suitable for you whether the reason you want to set up the Trust is to protect against care costs, tax, business problems or divorce.

Purdie Maclean can also help with the day to day running and administration of the Trust.


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