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As we continue to live longer it is becoming more common to lose your ability through illness either physical or mental to make decisions on your own.

Many people assume a family member or next of kin will be able to step in and help if such a situation occurs.  Unfortunately, a close relationship is not enough to allow someone to look after a loved one’s financial affairs. Even if you have made a Will and appointed Executors it won’t help as the Executors have no power to do anything until you die.

What you can do is make a Power of Attorney (a deed separate and distinct from your Will) which allows you to appoint someone you trust to act on your behalf if you are unable to manage your affairs for whatever reason. Granting a Power of Attorney to a family member or friend you trust allows them to deal with banks, lawyers, hospitals, care homes, local authorities and other public bodies on your behalf.

Without a Power of Attorney getting things done on your behalf can be expensive and time consuming. Powers of Attorney can cover financial matters and also medical and welfare issues.

At Purdie Maclean we would recommend making a Power of Attorney that covers both – called a Continuing and Welfare Power of Attorney. Once you sign the Power of Attorney we will register it with the Office of the Public Guardian (Scotland).


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